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brown bag Organic FACE TIME Rose Clay Soap


Image of brown bag Organic FACE TIME Rose Clay Soap

Remember when you could just talk on the phone and no one could see you? Well, those were the good ole days. Keep your face in tip-top shape with our Face Time soap with rose clay, a natural deep cleanser and blemish blocker

Rose Kaolin is an extremely mild clay. It is the perfect fit for most skin types, especially extra sensitive and dry. It makes a silky, slick soap with a stunning natural pink color. It very gently cleanses and exfoliates...and It is also great for shaving.

The amount of lather you can work up will amaze you. There are no essential oils or fragrances added, just good clean soap.

You will receive 1 – 4 oz Organic Face Time Soap

We are introducing our new line of budget friendly products called Brown Bag Basics. Quality ingredients and ingenuity make each product an unforgettable experience.

Ingredients: saponified organic coconut oil, rose clay