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Wool Dryer Balls


Image of Wool Dryer Balls

Live green, reduce the landfills, say goodbye to dryer sheets forever. 100% Wool.  All wool dryer balls are not the same. Made of virgin wool that contains lanolin to soften your laundry. An 8" tightly wrapped wool ball that is felted and covered with morino wool roving and felted again.

Soft & static free clothing , naturally. Wool dryer balls will help you to save energy by cutting drying time.
Toss in 2 to 6 balls per load of laundry.
More balls = less time and less time = lower utilities bills.  

Air dry them after each use. Over time they may begin to fuzz, shave them as you would any wool sweater.
Try the natural way to do laundry. This listing is for 2 dryer balls.

Available in:

Bittersweet Chocolate
Coal Black
Chick Yellow
Red Hot Cinnamon
Mint Julep
Petal Pink
Sky Blue
Stormy Gray