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Image of BRIAR ROSE Bath Bomb

Imagine walking down a tree lined path and happening upon a brier of wild roses. The soft, sweet floral aroma that is released as you brush the petals is evocative this incredible bath bomb's scent. This is for those who like the ideal of a rose petal bath but, don't have the time for the rose petal bath clean up.

Some are still asking, "So what is a bath bomb?" Bath bombs are fizzy balls full of delightful aromas, detoxifying salts, botanicals, and luxurious oils. While you are in the bath, drop one in and treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment at home.

I have spent years testing different oil combinations to make a moisturizing bomb that won't leave an oil slick in your tub. Enjoy them alone or with someone you love!

You will receive 1 - 4 oz Rose Petal Bomb

ingerdients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sea salt, magnesium sulfate, sucrose,grape seed oil, fragrance, rose petals, aqua